8 Best Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Ways to Make Your Home More Secure – Home security is a big issue for many homeowners. Property crime is prolific across the US and there were 271 burglaries per 100,000 people in 2021. The burglary rate is going down slowly as technology improves and homes become harder to break into, but it doesn’t pay to rest on your laurels. Read on for some useful tips to make your home more secure.

Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Fit Window Locks and Shutters

Older windows and doors are especially vulnerable to burglars. It is very easy to force an older-style window open because they rarely have locks and operate on a simple latch system. One way to secure this type of window is by adding a pin lock. This will secure the window whether it is closed or partially open. Alternatively, consider upgrading to more modern windows with multi-point locking systems. 

Improve Door Security

Deadbolts on doors look secure but doors can be kicked open if enough force is applied. Reinforce a timber door with metal plates and multiple locks or upgrade to a composite door with a multi-point locking system and reinforced core. This type of door is more secure when fitted correctly.

If you have sliding patio doors, be sure to secure them, as they are a weak point. Place a metal bar in the door track to prevent the door from being forced open. It is a quick and simple way to beef up security without fitting an expensive lock or door alarm.

Install Motion Detector Security Lighting

Lights are a great deterrent at night and are simple to install. You can pick up hardwired motion detector security lights from any good DIY store. If there is no power available in the place where you need light, fit a solar model instead; it isn’t perfect, but it is better than no light.

Plant Defensive Plants Around the Perimeter

Defensive planting is a good way to keep people away from your property. Most intruders will think twice before trying to force their way through a shrub with vicious thorns. Good examples of defensive plants include:

  • Barrel cactus
  • Devil’s walking stick
  • Blackberry
  • Hawthorne
  • Pyracantha
  • Mesquite

Choose plants that are suitable for the climate you live in.

Fit Home Security Cameras around the Building

Cameras serve two purposes. On the one hand, security cameras provide a live feed so you can monitor the exterior of the property, whether you are inside or away from home. On the other hand, security cameras can record any activity, so if someone is intruding on your property, you have video evidence to help law enforcement identify and prosecute that person. 

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Many modern security camera systems come with apps so you can receive alerts if someone is on your property and the alarm is triggered. 

Use a Lock Box for Spare Keys

Plenty of people still keep a spare keep under a plant pot or their doormat. This is a terrible idea because it is the first place a thief will look if they want to avoid making a lot of noise. Instead, fit a lock box for your spare key somewhere out of sight. Fit the box using extra-long screws so the box is harder to pry off the wall. 

Protect Outbuildings

Don’t neglect outbuildings when adding additional security features to your property. These are usually the first place to be targeted, especially if you store expensive tools, bicycles, and other equipment in there. If you have a padlock on the door, buy one that is resistant to bolt cutters. Fit tamper-proof pins to shed doors and security screws to prevent a thief from removing door hardware. 

Protect Your Family

Home safety is an even bigger issue when you have a family, and many homeowners keep a gun for personal safety. 

Finally, make a point of being friendly with your neighbors, so you can all keep an eye on each other’s homes.

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