How to check your Tyre Speed Rating with just a glance

How to check your Tyre Speed Rating with just a glance

Do you know that every tyre has its own speed rating which is not advisable to exceed?

This is what is called Tyre Speed rating: The maximum speed which the tyre is not expected to exceed.

The tyre speed rating is displayed on the sidewall.

Below is a concise representation of the different tyre speed ratings. After reading this article, I will advise that you move immediately to your vehicle to check the speed rating for your tyres.

Tyre Speed Rating is expressed below in km/hr:

N – 140km/hr

P – 150km/hr

Q – 160km/hr

R – 170km/hr

S – 180km/hr

T – 190km/hr

U – 200km/hr

H – 210km/hr

V – 240km/hr

Z – 240+km/hr

W – 270km/hr

Y – 300km/hr


Complete Speed rating chart



NOTE: Speed rating can be expressed in miles/hour, but for the purpose of this article, we express it in Km/Hr.

Understanding your tyre speed rating will guide you on the maximum speed your tyre can take you.

Forcing the tyre beyond its speed rating is a dangerous thing to do.

So, know your tyre speed rating, and maintain you speed according to the rating always.



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