Toolbox Talk: Dangers of operating faulty equipment

Toolbox Talk: Dangers of operating faulty equipment 

The danger of using faulty equipment can not be over emphasized. It is like making yourself a victim of what you know.

Few days back an incident was reported in a site where a grader operator lost control of the equipment when approaching their site yard gate. The grader struck the gate together with a security guard who came to open the gate for him.

From information gathered, the incident occurred due to brake failure.

Though there are other failures to be addressed, our interest here is on the grader.

From the findings: 

  • The grader developed a faulty brake system prior to the day of the incident, but no concrete measure was taken to address the situation.

This case unveils share negligence.

Its something that is happening in most of our work sites which should be greatly discouraged.

All faulty and damaged equipment should be promptly reported and sent for repair.

Lets avoid using damage equipment as much as possible.

Most accidents are preventable if we imbibe certain safety precautions.

Stay Safe!!!!

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