TOOLBOX TALK: 3 point action plan


TOOLBOX TALK: 3 point action plan


To ensure safety in every task, a 3 point action plan is recommended.

These 3 point action plan is made up of 3 important questions you should ask before you act.

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These questions are:

What am about to do, is it;

  1. Safe
  2. Legal
  3. Necessary

Safety of the task

Safety of any action should be considered first. If it is not safe is better to avoid such act. Safety should be the driver for every action we take; it should be the sole determinant for the progression of any action.

Legality of the act

Before you do anything, you should consider the legal backup for that action.

You should ask yourself, what am about to do, is it legally right?

Illegal act could incur punishment and fines. To avoid any form of sanction, it is necessary that we consider the legality of every action before we take them.


Some acts are not necessary, and some risk are not also necessary. When it is not necessary to take a risk, do not proceed no matter the pressure. Necessary risks are only taken when there are no other options. Also, the intended result of the action should out-weigh the consequence of the risk before you consider a risk as a necessary risk.

In summary, before you take any action in your workplace consider the safety of the act, the legal backing for the act and the necessity. If you get these three parameters right, it is certain that the outcome of the action will be good.

Do not act on impulse, think before you act.

Think Safety and Act Safety.


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