Problem of Speed limit violation in Nigeria

road speed limit

Speed limit violation

Though we cannot categorically say that all our Nigerian roads has speed limits installed; we have areas with speed limits conspicuously placed like in our major cities, organizations and some construction areas.

Speed limit violation has been one of the major causes of road traffic accidents, some resulting to multiple fatality in Nigeria. Most of our drivers are either ignorant of speed limits or purposefully ignoring it as they do not attach any seriousness to it.


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What is speed limit

Speed limit is a sign that is placed on strategic locations to warn drivers on the average speed expected in that particular area.

It could be placed in areas with congested traffic like schools and colleges, hospitals, church premises, construction site, inside city, etc.

It warns drivers of an impending danger within the area; which needs them to move at a considerable speed.

Depending on the location, speed limit could be 20KM/HR, 40KM/HR, 60KM/HR.

Now the problem is, even with the speed limit in place, a lot of drivers do not pay attention to it; either by negligence or ignorance.


Cooperate responsibility

We need to make our drivers understand what speed limit is and its importance. Just placing the sign on the road is not enough. Our Nigeria Road safety Commission should use the media house like the television to create awareness. NGO’s and other cooperate bodies should assist the government in this task; the government cannot do everything.

Broadcast, jingles, playlet, all these could go a long way to educate the public as to what speed limit is, how to recognize speed limits on the road and its importance. had published an article on “21 important road signs you must know” to educate the general public on the important road signs and their meanings.

Take advantage of the article and get yourself informed.


Authors Recommendation

My candid opinion is that The Nigeria Highway Code should be part of what The Nigeria Road Safety commission ask for when they are on field patrol. It is needful that every driver has a copy of The Nigeria Highway Code.

The Nigerian Highway Code contains all necessary information a driver will need to drive successfully and safety on the road; the highway code also contains road signs and their meaning.



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