What Is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

I came across the term penetration testing and I develop an interest in it. Though it is a term that is more applicable in the ICT world, but it could be related to Health and safety.

Penetration testing is also known as pen test. It is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that look for security weakness, potential gaining access to the system’s features and data.

There is also need for a kind of penetration testing for some part of our Health and safety structure like our emergency planning system. This test is seen as simulation in Health and safety.


To be sure your emergency management system is functional and operative, simulation is necessary to test its functionality; this simulation is synonymous to the penetration testing being carried out on computer security system.

The same way penetration testing helps check for vulnerability in the computer security system, the emergency management plan simulation also helps check for vulnerability in the emergency management system, then help adopt measures to enhance the system for optimum functionality.


Loop holes are not accepted in the health and safety emergency management system, since an increase response time, poor responsibility allotment could lead to increase damage. This penetrating testing setup will help identify these loops holes early, and also serve as a guide for a better preparation for emergency.

Hence; you cannot ascertain the functionality of your emergency management plan without adequate simulation and testing.

Always run a check on your emergency management system to ascertain its functionality; adopt the concept of penetration testing today.

Some emergency situations which could be used for the penetration system are: Fire emergency, explosion, terrorist attack, etc. this simulation can help check workers response to the emergency alarm, evacuation time, etc.


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