OPS Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager – Nigeria


OPS Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager – Nigeria

Location: Nigeria


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Operations SHEQ Manager must ensure that the Company attains, meets or exceeds international safety, health, environment and quality standards for all activities, products, developments, equipment and facilities, etc.

Ensure that all Company property, personnel, clients, third parties and associates adhere to the Company’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality standards and procedures, keeping them safe, healthy and compliant and safe guarding the environment.

Develop the Company’s core commitment to sustainability such that it is embedded in all policies and procedures.

Implement and maintain a Company-wide integrated electronic management system for SHEQ.

Ensure that the organisation’s Quality Management System conforms to customer, internal, ISO 9001, and regulatory/legal requirements.

Ensure evaluation of, and reporting on, vendor quality systems.

Oversee inspection (examination) of all activities, facilities, incoming and outgoing materials, ensuring that they meet requirements.

Manage the monitoring, measurement, and review of internal processes, especially those that affect the quality of the organization’s products.

Report to top management on the performance of the SHEQ (e.g., results of quality audits, corrective actions), including the need for improvement.

Conduct periodic management review meetings.

Responsible for accuracy and timely inspection/calibration of monitoring and measuring devices.

Keep up on standards, regulations/laws, issues, and news with respect to product (service) SHEQ

Educate and inform all Company staff on the SHEQ Integrated Management System and its policies Procedures and their importance / value to the Company and the environment.

Maintenance of SHEQ Certifications and other related approvals and certifications.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

Overall operational management of the Company’s SHEQ Department.

Assisting in planning and strategic direction of Company, particularly with respect to SHEQ related matters.

Selection and management of sub-contractors and consultants.

Liaising with and educating current and potential clients.

Prepare regular, weekly and monthly reports including historical data and forecasts / targets for SHEQ, including compiling SHEQ statistics and other data required for the management review and implement agreed actions focusing on continuous improvement of the QMS, EMS and OHSMS.

Assist in Company Administrative and Corporate Governance set-up.

Compile monthly budgets

Cost control and income monitoring

Responsibility for the implementation of the company’s ISO-9001 compliant quality management system (QMS) throughout the business.

Responsibility for the implementation of the company’s ISO 140001:2004 compliant environmental management system (EMS) throughout the business.

Responsibility for the implementation of the company’s OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational health, safety management (OHSMS) compliant system throughout the business.

Liaise and coordinate with Heads of Departments to ensure corporate and contractual SHEQ requirements are implemented and targets met.

Manage, organise, and execute process, accident/incident investigation and system audits throughout the business.

Manage, organise, and execute risk assessments.

Ensure adequate posting of safety notices / circulars.

Maintain metrics to monitor and close-out of audit findings.

Develop customer focused information packages, presentations and solutions during the tender phase of projects, maintaining continuity during handover to project teams and/or the Heads of Departments.

Develop and implement continuous improvement, customer-oriented solutions
Interact cross functionally with project and functional management to resolve quality health, safety & environment issues.

Review technical requisitions and procurement documentation for quality, health, safety & environment compliance
Manage, plan and implement subcontractor / vendor audits to meet QMS / SMS & EMS, project and corporate requirements.

Develop and distribute management reports
Audit Departmental compliance with contractual requirements.

Develop, implement and monitor continuous improvement action plans.

Personnel Management:

Educate and inform staff on the Company’s SHEQ policies and procedures.

Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.

Analyse training needs on an on-going basis and design new employee development, language training and general health and safety programs when necessary.

Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants to be considered.

Analyse statistical data and reports to identify and determine performance and optimal future direction of the Department
Merit assessment of own staff and peers.

Departmental staff training and motivation.

Inventory and Supplies:

Oversee Management of Departmental supplies and inventory.

Train staff to monitor the use of the inventory and send the required forms to the accountants and auditors in line with Company policies and procedures

General Administrative Tasks:

Establish and maintain job descriptions for own staff.

Compile monthly budgets for the Department
Cost control and income monitoring
Petty cash management.

Maintain, improve and implement Policies and procedures.


The Employee may also be required to perform duties not directly related to their area of experience or expertise, in which case proper instruction will be provided by the Company.

Ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in all activities.

Conduct himself/herself in a dignified and respectful manner that reflects well on the Employer and also sets an example for the other employees.


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