Myth behind speed


Myth behind speed: Speed is an habit for many drivers. They either drive above the speed limit or drive too fast for rural conditions. From studies, 30% of all fatal condition involve speed as a major contributing factor. Research projects identifies speed to be a major contributing factor in as high as 60% of fatal collision.

This implies that – The greater the speed, the greater the likelihood of collision

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Speed does two things:

  • Give you less time to react & less distance to stop and
  • Also affect the severity of collision.

Take for example:

If you are driving a vehicle at say 100km/hr when you see an obstacle blocking the road 70 meters ahead, you will collide with it at a speed of about 44km/hr,


If you are driving at 120km/hr when you spot the obstacle, you will collide at a speed of about 93km/hr; the impact at this speed can be fatal.


Myth behind speed

In Germany, in the 1990s, a study conducted to determine if speeding really saves time. Research sent two drivers to travel the same route on the Autobahn. One driver was asked to get to the destination by making the best time possible (Fast driver) and the other driver was told to avoid risk, and move as traffic flow permitted (Safe driver).

Here are the result

Distance Fast driver (160km) Safe driver (160km)
Time 20 hour, 12 minutes 20 hours, 43 minutes
Time saved 31 minutes Nill
Vehicle passed 2004 645
Passed by 13 vehicles 142 vehicles
Used brakes 1339 times 642

From the result, you can see that there was no significant difference in the time used to complete the journey for both drivers.

However, the fast driver took enormous risk because of speed but couldn’t safe any significant time.

Most of us overestimate our driving abilities. If you exceed the speed limit you will:

  • Reduce your ability to steer around obstacle
  • Decrease your field of vision and peripheral vision
  • Increase the risk of loosing control of your vehicle
  • Extend the distance of stop
  • Increase the probability of death or injury in collision.

“Myth behind speed”

Always be that safe driver, not the fast driver!!!


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