How a man lost his pregnant wife to self medication


It was a tragic incident, but his pregnant wife had walked the path which leads to an end for all humans rather unplanned and unprepared.

The issue of self medication is something most people take lightly, but it is a serious situation.

How did the woman die?

The woman was pregnant unknown to them (The woman and her husband). Then she started having inconveniences in her stomach, she told her husband about it. Her husband then bought her Goko cleanser to drink, she drank but was not getting better. She then decided to visit a drug shop, on reaching there the manager of the drug shop prescribed drip for her. She was dripped; the drip then aggravated the condition.

Her husband was informed about the complication, then they decided to rush her to the hospital. On reaching there it was already too late to save her, she died.

It was in the hospital that it was discovered that the woman was pregnant.

In my assessment, what killed the woman was not Goko cleanser, but ignorance and negligence.

See how the event unfolded

  • The Goko cleanser she drank destroyed the pregnancy unknown to them.
  • The drip given to the woman then raised all the particles of the destroyed pregnancy and they were flowing all around the woman system.

What we should understand in this case is this: Drinking Goko cleanser was a risky choice because of her condition, but she drink because she was ignorant of her condition.

Self medication is dangerous. Read the 6 avoidable dangers of self medication here

Let us avoid self medication as much as possible because it can kill you.

Drugs are to make us feel better and healthy, but it could also be your greatest nightmare is you take it ignorantly and wrongly. Do not assume what is wrong with you, then prescribe drugs for yourself or meet a quack medical personnel.

Take yourself, your wife, your kids or your loved ones to a good medical facility for proper medical attention. Do not take a chance on life, you don’t have any spare.




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