How to avoid entering a 419 or ritualist vehicle and ways you can escape un-hurt when joinig a touting vehicle


We board commercial vehicle everyday to different destinations.

Some of us prefer to join vehicles on the road when travelling instead of getting to the park. The decision of joining a vehicle that are touting on the road only exposes  use to unnecessary risks.

The major risk is being carried by a 419 or ritualists vehicle.

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There are lots of 419 and ritualists vehicles on the road. In order to ensure safe transit on the road and avoid being carried by 419 or ritualists vehicle you have to be smart and cautious.

This article aims to educate you on what to look  for before sitting comfortably inside a touting vehicle (How to avoid entering a 419 or ritualist vehicle).

What to do before you sit comfortably inside a touting commercial vehicle

  1. Check the passengers inside the vehicle: Though a lot of 419 people tries to make the passengers inside their vehicle formal and real, others may miss on that. So its advisable to assess the passengers before you enter.
  2. Opt to sit by the door: When you stop a touting vehicle, opt to sit by the door in-case of any wrong move. If they refuse your request, do not enter. If some else stops the vehicle to enter while the vehicle was on transit, and your spirit tells you that something is not right, step down or tell the person to enter inside while you maintain your position by the door.
  3. Make sure the windows  are fully wind down: When the windows are down, it is easy to shout to the hearing of people on the road.
  4. Make sure the door can be open from the inside: Most 419 people and ritualists do disable their doors to make it impossible to open from the inside. When you enter, try to open the door by yourself before you sit comfortably.
  5. Follow your instinct: If your instinct does not accept that you enter the vehicle, do not enter.
  6. Be prayerful: God still guides his children, never forget that. Always pray for divine guidance when you are leaving your house to any location.

What to do if you are already inside the vehicle

  1. Avoid irrelevant communication: If you have already entered the vehicle in order to take your mind away they will try to engage you in an unnecessary communication in order to sedate you by any means. If your mind is not comfortable inside the vehicle, avoid joining in some unnecessary communication. Keep calm and focus on yourself.
  2. Keep eye contact: Sustaining eye contact with the other passengers can give you a clue to what could happen or what they are up-to. This is possible because they will be communicating with themselves, and that is only done through eye contact. So keeping an eye contact with them will create a tense atmosphere and also obstruct their communication.
  3. Raise an alarm: With the window down, raising an alarm will really scare them.
  4. Plan for your escape: Keep your eyes on the road while also keeping an eye on them. Watch out for when the vehicle speed will be considerable reduced for whatever reason. That when you can make your move. If it was possible for the door to be opened from the inside, and you also sat by the door, that is when your escape will be easier.

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