Health & Safety Mgr Job in Fulton – Huhtamaki


Health & Safety Mgr Job in Fulton – Huhtamaki

Location: Fulton

Job Type: Full time

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Job Ref: R005352

Huhtamaki is a global specialist in packaging for food and drink, dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe. Our purpose is to help great products reach more people, more easily.

Huhtamaki, a leading supplier of drinking cups, frozen desert, and food packaging containers, has an immediate opening for a Health and Safety Manager in the Fulton, New York facility. We are looking for someone with 3 to 5 years’ experience in an Industrial Safety position with OSHA Compliance Safety Training and VPP Program experience.  The desired candidate would hold a CSP (Certificate in Safety Specialty) designation with a specialization in Risk Management or Insurance and a Certificate in Hazardous Materials (CHMM or other).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

To formulate and direct policies to provide a safe and healthful atmosphere within the workplace and to comply with all federal, state, and local safety regulations.

1. Evaluates hazards within the facility for safety and health risks.

2. Develops health and safety procedures and programs for all departments and monitors safety compliance to reduce risks.

3. Maintains contingency plans, including fire prevention, and procedures for controlling hazardous spills in accordance with government regulation and insurance company requirements.

4. Supervises maintenance of material safety data sheets so they are always accessible according to regulations.

5. Develops inspection policies and established regular inspection schedules.

6. Supervises training sessions for emergency preparedness, confined spaces, electrical safety, machine guarding, fall protection, forklift safety and any other safety needs.

7. Maintains industrial health monitoring and records of employee hazard exposure and compliance according to OSHA regulations.

8. Act as a technical resource and advisor for all safety issues by monitoring professional literature and attending seminars to stay current with governmental compliance requirements and industry best demonstrated practices.

9. Manages and supervises the Safety Program to ensure it addresses all hourly safety issues, perform root cause analysis on all work-related incidents, integrates accident prevention.

10. Responsible for workers comp claims management, mitigate litigation and perform new employee safety training.

11. Directly Manages Occupational Health Nurse, First Aid, and Wellness Center; and maintain certification and training requirements for First Responders, CPR, Certified Safety Professional, and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.

12. Leads risk/hazard recognition and management efforts.


1. Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health, environmental science or equivalent work experience.

2. Three to Five years of management experience in the field.

3. Excellent skills in written and oral communication.

4. Basic computer skills with both word processing and database applications.

5. Ability to drive and inspect both outdoor and indoor areas to observe compliance with established programs.

6. Experience with EPA records of hazardous waste, air emission permitting, and water pollution discharge a plus.

7. Ability to sit, stand, walk for long periods of time within an office, production and maintenance type work environments; exposure to high and moderately low ambient temperatures at times.

8. Ability to work on any shift including weekends when needs; some traveling required.

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