Ghana Set To Follow World Cup In Driving New OSH Standards

Ghana Set To Follow World Cup In Driving New OSH Standards: While African countries continue to exceed expectations at the Qatar FIFA World Cup, another event could prove a gateway to an equivalent step up for Africa in the world of occupational safety and health (OSH).

Ghana has been one of those emerging soccer nations to impress and Ghana will also make a significant move towards achieving world-class OSH, this week (Wednesday 7 Dec), at a high-level roundtable discussion on the passage of a draft national OSH Bill.

Chaired by the country’s Minister of Employment and Labour Relations and co-hosted by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the roundtable will welcome representatives from government, business, trade unions and global bodies like the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) to Accra.

Malaysian experience

Delegates will then draw on the lessons of IOSH’s recent four-year support for the successful introduction of OSH legislation and a national OSH strategy and plan in Malaysia.

IOSH Head of Strategic Engagement, Alan Stevens, who will present the Malaysian experience sees this as a key event in the drive to build a safer, healthier world of work across the African continent.

“This roundtable will play a crucial supportive role in helping government efforts towards the establishment of national legislative and administrative structures in the management of Occupational Safety and Health,” he said.

“It is great to see key actors coming together to show their commitment to make this happen to make Ghana not only a safer, healthier place to work but also bring major benefits to the country’s economy, its healthcare and its education system,” he added.

“When other emerging economies from the Commonwealth and beyond see how OSH can not only help protect workers but also impress global business, lever inward investment, build strong supply chains, boost healthcare provision and free up workers’ families to pursue their education, then I’m sure they will want to secure the same OSH improvements that Ghana has committed itself to achieving.

“The ILO’s adoption, this year, of a safe and healthy working environment as a fundamental principle and human right has proved an absolute game-changer, for everyone. It has focused the eyes of governments, non-governmental organisations like the WHO and the ILO, our Commonwealth partners, employers, trade unions and OSH professionals on that laser beam of good OSH practice.

“IOSH is proud to have played a part in helping to bring all these partners together for the good of Ghana and, in the longer term, other African countries. I believe Ghana, like its soccer team, will soon lead the way in showing other countries across the continent why and how they should also be bringing the deep, positive impact of OSH to their economies and their people,” he went on.

“With growing networks of OSH professionals emerging in Ghana and in other West African countries, I’m confident OSH capacity will continue to build,” he predicted.

Those participating in the roundtable discussion on 7 December will include representatives from the following bodies/organisations:

Ministry of Employment and Labour RelationsLabour Department
IOSHEnvironmental Protection Agency
Trades Union Congress GhanaGhana Health Service
Ghana Employers’ AssociationGhana National Fire Service
National Development Planning CommissionGhana Standards Authority
Office of the Attorney General & Ministry of JusticePrivate Enterprise Federation
Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and InnovationGhana Chamber of Mines
Ministry of EnergySchool Public Health, Univ’ Ghana
Ministry of Trade and IndustryBureau of Public Safety
Ministry of HealthGhana Institute of Safety and Environmental Professionals
Ministry of Roads and HighwaysInternational Labour Organization
Ministry of TransportWorld Health Organisation
Ministry of Food and AgricultureUSAID
Ministry of Works and HousingBritish High Commission
Office of the Head of the Civil ServiceEuropean Union
Department of Factories Inspectorate



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