Gas Leak: 6 Things you should do when you smell gas

Gas Leak:

As development sets in, more people are being exposed to the use of gas cylinders either for domestic, commercial or industrial reasons.

One common risk of gas cylinder use is the issue of gas leak. Uncontrolled gas leak could result to explosion, fire and loss of lives. This is why it is needful to understand the right thing to do in cases of gas leak.

Gas leak is always noticed commonly by its smell, this entails that we should always pay attention to the smell which gets into our nostrils when using gas cylinders. This is the most common way of identifying gas leak; although there are gas detectors, but it is not installed in most of our homes and commercial environment where gas cylinders are used.

What to do when you smell gas

At any point you smell gas, follow these steps to ensure your safety:

  1. Switch off the regulator: Switch off the regulator of the gas cylinder; i.e, the point where you open or close the gas. This is to prevent further release of the gas into the air.
  2. Do not operate any electrical switch: Operating an electrical switch could complete the explosion circle. One thing you do not need when you smell gas is an ignition source, hence do not operate any electrical switch.
  3. Take out the regulator and put the gas cylinder safety cap on: This is necessary in-case the regulator is faulty. If the regulator is faulty, switching off the regulator will not cut off the release of the gas. If you are not knowledgeable in taking out the regulator, leave it.
  4. Open all windows: After stopping the release of the gas, you will need to expel the gas that is already in the atmosphere. The best way to do this is by enhancing ventilation, this can be achieved by opening all windows.
  5. Extinguish all naked flame: Make sure all naked flame are put out. Since it could be an ignition source for explosion.
  6. If you cannot stop the gas release, you should call your LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) distributor.

Don’t fall a victim of gas leak. Next time you smell gas, follow the steps highlighted below to control the situation.


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