Fire extinguisher price based on types and sizes


In this article I will present fire extinguisher price based on types and sizes of the fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher being a very important equipment should be installed in all organizations, academic institutions, Religious institutions, Government offices, etc.

In the next paragraph, I will present to us prices for fire extinguishers in Nigeria, and also provide a link you can check the prices in the general market outside Nigeria.

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What will be featured are, price list of fire extinguishers in Nigeria, car fire extinguisher price (1Kg), dry powder/CO2/Water/Foam fire extinguisher prices, etc.

Fire extinguisher price list in Nigeria

S/N Type Size/Weight Price (N)  
1. CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  Gold K 3kg 14,500  
  Universal Chef 25kg 52,000  
    5kg 18,000  
    9kg 42,000  
2. DCP Fire extinguisher
  Powder fire extinguisher 6kg 9,800  
  Powder fire extinguisher 9kg 15,500  
  Dry chemical powder 2kg 5,900  
  Dry chemical powder 1kg 5,200  
  Dry chemical powder 25kg 52,000  
  Dry chemical powder 50kg 100,000  
3. Foam Fire Extinguisher
    9kg 20,000  
    50 liters 117,000  
4. Water Fire Extinguisher
    9 Liters 24,000  
    50 Liters 84,000  


If you are not based in Nigeria, you can check for prices on Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

Note: The priced given above are not standard as you may purchase the fire extinguisher at a higher or lower rate based on the product brand and the marketer.


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For guidance on how to acquire any of these fire extinguishers, you can contact us via our contact page.




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