Fire extinguisher inspection tags

Fire extinguisher inspection tags
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The fire extinguisher inspection tags helps keep a clear maintenance records for fire extinguishers.

It features an easy write-on surface where maintenance information can be written which is needed in order to monitor the status of your equipment.

Contents of the fire extinguisher inspection tag

Some contents a fire extinguisher inspection tags should cover are:

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Name: Name of the inspector is required on the tag

Date of inspection: The date in which the fire extinguisher was inspected must also be penned down.

Next inspection date: The due date for next inspection is also required on the inspection tag.

Location of the fire extinguisher: The location where the fire extinguisher is places must be recorded. This will help in identifying areas that are deficient of fire extinguisher.

Other records include:

  • Hydrostatic testing record: Here, the date of the test, test pressure and the name of the inspector will also be required.
  • Recharge record: If the fire extinguisher has been previously recharged, the date of the recharge should be filled into the inspection tag.
  • Checklist: Some fire extinguisher inspection tags carries its own checklist. This checklist guides the inspection process, as it stipulate what should be inspected during the activity.

Note: A particular inspection tagĀ  may not capture all the information highlighted here. However, inspection tag may be design to cover as much information as required at any time.


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