Explosives Safety Specialist in Bristol


Explosives Safety Specialist in Bristol

  • Bootle, Bristol
  • Salary:£47,775 – £53,097

A career with HSE gives you a rare opportunity to visit and interact with different and diverse employers and work activities, one day you could be engaging with a large multi-national munitions manufacturer and the next a small fireworks store.

Our Explosives Safety specialists ensure employers across Great Britain – a whole range of essential industries with thousands of workers – to work safely. In this role, you can utilise your considerable technical knowledge and practical experience to influence not only individual employers but whole industry sectors.

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Your work will make the most of your experience – whether that’s inspecting an explosive processing plant, helping an employer understand the right controls to have in place, or contributing to the development of industry standards and guidelines. As you can see this role will broaden your knowledge and your professional credibility like no other role can.


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