Do’s and Don’ts of fall protection PPE


Are you involve in working at height?

There are lots of hazards/risks associated with WORKING AT HEIGHT; and one of the ways to manage the risks associated with working at height is to use your fall protection PPE.

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There are basic Do’s and Don’ts involve with using the fall protection PPE.


Do’s and Don’ts of fall protection PPE


  • Ensure you have received training for the job before you commence.
  • Always perform a pre-use check
  • Keep your PPE clean from dirt
  • When in doubt of the safety capability of the PPE, do not use it.


  • Don’t start work if you do not have all your PPE
  • Don’t use the PPE if it is damaged
  • Don’t use the PPE if it doesn’t fit properly, loose or twisted
  • Do not make adjustment to your PPE, you may compromise safety; except it is within the users specification to adjust.


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