What Is The Important Difference Between OSHA And NEBOSH

Difference Between OSHA And NEBOSH

What is the important difference between OSHA and NEBOSH in Oil and Gas or Mining safety?


There is no sector specific difference between OSHA and NEBOSH. Be it oil and Gas, Mining, construction, Environment, etc.


The two are different Health and Safety certificate awarding bodies, and have their specific courses. Also, OSHA is also a Health and safety regulatory body in the United States.

The major difference between the two is their recognition.

While OSHA is mainly recognized in the united states, NEBOSH is recognized world-wide.


So, any United States citizen or someone working in the United states can enroll for OSHA courses; it will be beneficial for him/her there. But as an international Health and Safety professional (Living or working outside the United States) NEBOSH is more preferable for you.

Employers outside the United States, do not ask for OSHA certificate as one of the qualification for any Health and Safety related jobs, Instead they ask for NEBOSH.

Finally, for learning sake, and expansion of your professional horizon, you can still enroll for OSHA courses. They have fantastic courses which could boost your expertise.

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