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Shocking News: Bullet Stuck in His Neck for 8 Decades, But Not Dead

Bullet Stuck in His Neck for 8 Decades – A World War II veteran was shocked after discovering that a bullet from the war was still stuck in his neck almost 8 decades later. According to a report by Daily Star UK, the war veteran identified as Zhao He is a resident of China. The 95-yeat-old had the bullet lodged into his body during the catastrophic World War II. However, such was the mayhem and chaos at the time that he didn’t even realize its presence after the war was over. It wasn’t until recently that the medical staff at a hospital in Shandong, China, saw the bullet while conducting an X-ray of Zhao He’s neck.

The elderly’s son-in-law Wang was seemingly unbeknownst of the fact that Zhao had been shot multiple times during the war. Hence, the spotting of the decades-long bullet was a massive shocker for him. According to the portal, the son-in-law also revealed that along with the bullet, there were remnants of multiple war shrapnel found in his body. Wang detailed that Zhao was injured as he carried a wounded comrade across the river during one of his battles.

“He was injured while carrying a wounded comrade across a river during one of the battles. There is shrapnel in other parts of his body as well,” he said. It is nothing less than a miracle say doctors as the stuck bullet has not caused any adverse issues for the elderly despite its presence in his body for about 77 years. The medical experts have decided to not remove the bullet from his body as it hasn’t caused any harm yet. Moreover, looking at the elderly’s age the procedure would involve risky surgery. The war veteran agreed with the medical experts and said, “I’ve been healthy all these years so there is no reason to change things now.”

Notably, the ex-Chinese soldier joined his nation’s military force when he was just a teen. Zhao He has participated in two wars including the Korean War which took place back in the 1950s on the side of North Korea, the other was fought against the US and South Korea.


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