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Blind Spot of different equipment

Blind spot of an equipment or machinery is the area in the machine which the operator/driver cannot focus with his side mirror. It is a dangerous point in all equipment/machinery which should be avoided.

Knowing the blind spot of different equipment is the first step to avoiding the danger involved with it; if it is not known, it cannot be avoided.

This is why I will be highlighting the blind spots of different equipment below.

Blind spot of different equipment:

Grader: Directly behind the machine and standing less than 1 meter in front of the machine.

Excavator: The boom side of the excavator and the back of the excavator

High rising vehicles: (Tipper, Mixer lorry, Service lorry, Trailer, etc):  For Tipper – Less than 1 metre in front of the Tipper and the tail-board of the Tipper

Compactor: Less than 1 meter directly behind the compactor – Sheep foot compactor or smooth roller

Bulldozer: Directly behind the Bulldozer

Payloader: Directly behind the Payloader

Forklift: The boom side of the telescopic forklift and the the back of the machine

Feel free to add to this list, edit existing information, and add more blind spot to the ones already listed.

Tell us the blind spot of different equipment that you know.

Let us learn together!!!


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