7 Signs of poor safety culture in any establishment

Signs of poor safety culture

David Cant CMIOSH posted on his twitter handle “Signs of poor safety culture”.

If you come across any of these signs, know that the safety culture in such establishment is poor.

Here are the signs of poor safety culture according to David Cant (CMIOSH)

  1. Safety doesn’t start at the top – The top management tend to be as spectators, waiting for the workforce to just act the way they can, not forcing safety from the top.
  2. Poor communication – Poor communication between management staffs and the workforce.
  3. Under-reporting of accident – Accident are not reported or under-reported. This will rob other members of the organization a learning opportunity, and re-occurrence not prevented.
  4. Workers are blamed of accident – In this situation, blame game is used when accident occur, instead of investigating to determine the root cause. This blame game will also discourage workers from reporting accidents.
  5. Cost-cutting and exclusive focus on profitability – In organization with poor safety culture, profit making is the priority even at the expense of safety.
  6. No follow-up or improvement after accident – Here accident report are just a document. Correction are not implemented and followed up.
  7. Not valuing workers – Workers are used as rag; picked when needed and discarded when not needed. The workers welfare are not considered.

If you notice any of these signs in your establishment as a management staff or a safety professional, ways should be devised to tackle it and encourage a good safety culture.


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