3 Tips on how to manage work pressure

How to manage work pressure

Managing pressure is very important in the workplace. Work pressure if not well managed could cause loss of concentration, loss of mental coordination, loss of self esteem, it can lead to job safety being related to the background, can result to accident, etc. In this article, we will discuss some effective tips on how to manage work pressure.

Work pressure is something that cannot be avoided in the workplace, if you are not under pressure at work today, you may be under work pressure tomorrow. This is why it is very important that we know how to manage work pressure.

Pressure always come in different forms:

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  • Meeting with deadline
  • Job completion
  • When precision is required
  • Work load, etc.

All the above mentioned are causes of work pressure in the workplace and proper management is required.

At this point, lets delve into few tips on how to manage work pressure.

Tips on how to manage work pressure

  1. Be calm: No matter the situation, try to be calm. This is a conscious process that you must learn. When you are not calm, your thinking faculty and coordination will be impaired; this will worsen the situation.
  2. Act and don’t react: As you stay calm, try to focus on the task, do not react to the source of pressure. Reacting to the source of pressure will only place more pressure on you.
  3. Cool off: You can cool off  by carrying out a simple breathing exercise. This is done by taking a sip breath through your mouth; it is called a sip breath because you will need to position your mouth as someone that wants to sip. Sip breath, hold for few seconds, then release through your nose. Repeat that for a number of times, it will help you cool off, clear your head and give you the ability to think.

Managing work pressure is your best tool for safe and effective job completion when under pressure.


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