2023 WH&S Show in Sydney Attracts 30% Attendance Higher Than The Previous Year

2023 WH&S Show in Sydney Attracts 30% Attendance Higher Than The Previous Year – Attendance at the 2023 WH&S Show in Sydney was 30% higher than the previous year, demonstrating that workplace health and safety is a top priority for Australian businesses.

“The show was a resounding success, with 2,357 people attending, representing a wide range of industry sectors, including building and construction, manufacturing, and transport and logistics; health and pharmaceutical; agriculture; waste management; and education,” said Maria Kinsella CEO of the IEC Group, the show’s organisers. “The show’s comprehensive free education program, which included workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, provided an in-depth look at the latest regulatory developments, employer responsibilities, best practices, and industry innovations.”

“The show proved to be the perfect platform for shared learning and dynamic discussion, with seminar theatres packed to capacity,” said Kinsella.

In addition, visitors and participants benefited from the networking opportunity and in-person engagement with prospective customers and industry partners.

Local government as well as prominent safety associations and industry bodies were among the sponsors and speakers, including the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS), the Working At Height Association (WAHA), and SafeWork NSW.

In addition, the show secured the support of a range of high-profile sponsors, including, Skytrust, SHOWA, HSI Donesafe, JESI, Occphyz, EcoPortal, Cm3 Contractor Management, Ascom, Heart & Brain Works, Jobfit, Roadsense AU, Molemap, Etiscope, Preventure, Vitality Works, Dettol and Alcolizer.

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“This is a phenomenal testament to the quality of our show,” said Kinsella.

The trade expo brought together 150 of the world’s top hygiene and safety brands including: SC Johnson; KameLo; Natural Cool Air; Schmalz; Work Healthy Australia; Anchor Safe; the Black Dog Institute; Fleet Safe; Global Safety Index; and many more.

These companies presented the latest in workplace health & safety products, services & solutions, including innovative technology including wearable sensors, mobile applications and cloud based software systems.

This expo focused on all aspects of workplace health & safety and worker wellbeing including hygiene, PPE and safety equipment, road safety and skin safety as well as psychosocial wellness.

“We are proud to announce the winner of the Best Stand award, Dettol Pro solutions”.

“In 2024, we are expecting an even bigger Workplace Health & Safety Show, taking place from 22-23 May in Melbourne and then from 18-19 September in Sydney,” concluded Kinsella.

“Building on the exciting momentum gained this year, we are anticipating that the 2024 Shows will offer even more exhibitors, high-profile presenters and more visitors.”