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What Fire Code is Used in California?

California Fire Code
The fire code in use by the State of California is based upon the California Fire Code (CFC). It is part of the California...

What are the Classifications of Fire USA Standard

How Much is Fire Service Salary in USA
Fire classifications in the USA Standard refer to the various categorizations of fires depending on the type of fuel involved and the extinguishing methods...

What is the United States National Fire Danger Rating System?

United States National Fire Danger Rating System
The United States National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) is a uniform system for estimating the potential for wildland fire activity based on current...

Road Safety Quiz Part 1

Road Safety and Traffic Management
ROAD SAFETY QUIZ OVERVIEW Road Safety helps ensure that there are no mishaps on the road and, simultaneously, ensures the safety of every user. The...

What is the 5-Alarm Fire System?

5-Alarm Fire System
The 5-alarm fire system is the rating and listing method used to describe the size and resource requirement of a fire incident. We have...

What are fire stations called in America?

Class A B C D K Fire Extinguishers
Fire stations, also called firehouses or fire halls, are normally buildings that house firefighting equipment and the people who operate it. Different Names of Fire...

What are the Fire Classes in the US?

Fire Classes in the US
Fire Classes classify fires and define the type of fuel that is involved, as well as the type of extinguishing method used to put...

Fire Safety Quiz

Fire Safety Quiz
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What is the Fire Codes Used in the United States?

Fire Codes Used in the United States
Fire codes are rules that conjugate up the minimum requirement of fire prevention and safety in buildings and spaces. Lets us look into the...

What is the Major Tool for Fire Prevention?

Major Tool for Fire Prevention
A major Tool for the Prevention of Fire is a prime method or equipment used for the prevention of the outbreak of a fire....