Unsafe Workers Transportation Mediums

Workers Transportation

It is very pathetic that most companies does not consider the safest means of workers transportation. They provide good, safe and arranged means of transportation for the management staffs, but uses any medium to transport workers.

Here are some unsafe workers transportation mediums used by some companies:

  1. Caravan
  2. Hiabs trucks
  3. Using Hilux bucket
  4. Hanging on equipment/Machinery

The above means of workers transportation should not be entertained, because it is UNSAFE.

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The safety of the workers should be paramount; this includes the workers transportation. If we say we are safety compliant, it should also be seen in this aspect.

Workers transport medium should be convenient, fully covered with vent to allow for good ventilation, has personal restraint system, good sitting arrangement, not overcrowded, etc.

We should understand that if accidents occur while transporting workers either to their homes from work or from work back to their homes, the company will still have questions to answer.

In accident categorization, there is provision for commuting accident – That is, accident which occurs on the way to or from work.

I am using this medium to appeal to organizational heads, management staffs, clients and other stakeholders to consider workers transport as an important aspect of the work. This will ensure the safety of the workers while on duty and also speak well of the company.

See an example of a good workers transportation medium




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