Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Summit


HSE MSD Summit 2018: Early bird offer ending soon!

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Summit: The early bird offer of £350pp for our MSD summit is ending this week at midnight Thursday 21 December. Don’t miss your chance to book your place: Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Summit on 21st March 2018 in London.

MSDs are the most commonly reported cause of occupational ill health in GB, affecting many workplaces, arising from different work activities and resulting in a variety of ill-health outcomes. HSE’s sights are firmly set on achieving significant improvements in preventing and controlling exposure to MSDs. Everyone has the right to go home healthy from work and we want to enable employers to do the right thing to protect the health of their workers today and for the future. In turn, this will mean a healthier more productive business.

This MSD Summit, on 21st March 2018 in London will explain what HSE is doing to achieve this, what you can do about it and how current scientific thinking is starting to shape new and re-energised approaches to help us. Tackling MSDs needs everyone to #WorkRight and share an ambition for workers to go home healthy.

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We have just released an updated overview programme, detailing what delegates will find out about in the packed morning and afternoon sessions. For more information and sponsorship opportunities visit our website.

Here is the full details of the summit


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