One of the reasons why workers do not use helmet on site

why workers do not use helmet

Identity segregation ON-SITE by way of Helmet colours

Some organization uses different helmet colours to differentiate between managements and employees. Employees are further differentiated based on their profession.


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Some of the colours are:

White: Engineers, Management, Supervisors and Formen.

Blue: Electrician, Carpenter and Technical operators

Red: Fire Fighters

Gray: Site visitors

Green: Safety officers

Yellow: Labourers and Earthmoving operators

Brown: Welders and workers with high heat application


It is believed that this segregation affects compliance to the use of this helmet on-site.

Segregation is seen as one of the reasons workers do not use helmet on site.

In your experience, do you think this segregation is NECESSARY?

If it is necessary, what can be done to improve the use of helmet in organizations that implements segregation using helmet colours?



  1. Good Post. I really didnt know the details of segregation but it is a nice idea. To curb the non-use, I am of the opinion that no segregation should be done on the hard hats issues as the protection is universal not color coded. The quality and design (How it is comfortable to wear) should be the primary focus during hard hats usage

  2. It’s important that everyone feels equally important. It’s the synergy of efforts by professionals of the different fields that makes a company successful. Having said that, any professional that feels segregated because of a different color of hard hat is not proud of what he does. He is petty and should be penalized.

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