Why we have Increased Road Traffic Accident During the Christmas Celebration

Its December, 2020 and we are in another yuletide season (Christmas celebration). Have you ever thought of the reason we have increased road traffic accident during the yuletide season?

In this article, my focal point will be Nigeria.

I will not attribute the issue of increase in road traffic accident in Nigeria on RACE nor GEOGRAPHICAL SITUATION, instead I will attribute it to human factors and situational change.

Now the question; Why do we have increased road traffic accident during the Christmas Celebration in Nigeria?

  1. Excessive celebration: I was born to meet an adage which says, “Excessive joy and merriment makes someone to defecate in a forbidden place”. What this simply imply is that, during excessive enjoyment and merriment, most persons throw caution to the wind. This is also evident in increase road traffic accident as most road users drive or move around with the euphoria of the season forgetting themselves on the road thereby tending to be careless.
  2. Increase in alcohol consumption: The yuletide season is associated with increase in alcohol consumption. This is why we have more drunk driving this season; do not forget that a drunk driver poses risk to himself and other road users. A drunk driver/road user will always exhibit poor sense of judgement which is a risk factor in accident occurrence.
  3. Increase road traffic: This season is characterized by increased vehicular movement. More vehicles on the road, and more pedestrians. This can also result to increase road traffic accident.
  4. More of late night driving: Night driving has its own risk; majorly poor vision. Increase in late night driving this period also leads to increase road traffic accident. More people stay out late this season in order to catch with friends, peer group, organizations and lots more.

Let me stop here. Choosing Nigeria as a focal point does not mean some or all of this factors are not applicable in other countries.

My stands on increase in road traffic accident  during the yuletide season is that; it is caused more by human factors and environmental factors with human undertone.

However, if we manage these factors right, we can reduce road traffic accident during this season by up to 80%.

By Ubong Edet

A passionate Health and Safety professional with a good level of field experience and relevant certifications including NEBOSH, OSHA, ISO, etc certifications. An Health and Safety activist who believes in the growth and continual improvement of the profession. He is going all out to create awareness and safe precious lives.

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