What Size Of Fire Extinguisher Is Suitable For Your Vehicle?

Fire extinguisher is one thing which must not miss from your vehicle while traveling; and it must be in a workable state.

Before I continue, it is pertinent to mention here that the type of fire extinguisher most suitable for your vehicles are the DCP – Dry Chemical Powder and the Foam fire extinguishers.




Different sizes of fire extinguishers are recommended for different kind of vehicles; mainly based on the size of the vehicle and also what the vehicle conveys.

While some countries have regulations governing the choice of fire extinguisher size for different vehicles, others don’t.

Hence, it is important that you find out from your local authorities if such regulations guiding the choice of fire extinguisher size is in place. If not, in the next paragraph, I will recommended sizes of fire extinguishers for different vehicles. This recommendation is not based on any regulation.

Here are my recommendations based on the article question “What size of fire extinguisher is suitable for your vehicle?

  • For small vehicle, including pick up trucks, saloon cars, mini buses, etc – I recommend 6kg fire extinguisher and below.
  • For Buses, trucks, SUV’s – I recommend 6kg – 9kg fire extinguishers.
  • If the truck is conveying hazardous material which posses high risk of fire breakout, I will recommend 9kg – 12kg fire extinguisher.

NOTE: This is just a recommendation. It do not follow any regulation.


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Author: Ubongeh