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What Is Hazmat Test


Hazmat Test

Hazmat test is a written test designed for anyone involve in the shipment of hazardous materials. According to government regulation, hazardous material may include: Toxic chemicals, Fuel, Nuclear waste, Biological agents, Chemical agents, Radioactive agent, etc.

Generally, hazardous materials are substances which may pose a reasonable health risk to individuals, or risk to the environment. These substances may be released or spilled in form of vapour, dust, fumes, gas, smoke, etc.


Hazmat Means – Hazardous Material

In the United States, all hazmat (Hazardous material) shipments which leave any facility must comply with the US DOT Hazardous Material regulation (49 CFR).

The initiation of Hazmat was borne out of serious concern. Hazardous materials are being developed and transported every day around our cities; and Hazmat incidents are occurring regularly resulting to destruction of lives, properties and environment.

Due to the negative effect of Hazmat incidents, it was needful that all hazardous materials storage and transportation be controlled in order to reduce this incident.


It is worthy to note that Hazmat test is just a part of the criteria for Hazmat endorsement.

To get Hazmat endorsement, you will need to pass the hazmat test and the background check


The Hazmat Test Pattern

The CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Hazmat test typically has 30 questions, and you will be expected to have a pass score of 80%. The aim of the test is to test your of Hazmat material in your state CDL manual.

The question will be in the following area:

  • Intent of Regulations
  • Bulk Tank Loading, Unloading and Marking
  • Drivers Responsibilities
  • Driving and Parking Rules
  • Communication Rules
  • Emergencies
  • Loading and Unloading.


See Hazmat Practice Test


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