What are fire stations called in America?

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Fire stations, also called firehouses or fire halls, are normally buildings that house firefighting equipment and the people who operate it.

Different Names of Fire Stations across the United States

In the United States, the term “fire station” is more commonly used for buildings that house firefighters and their associated equipment. Fire stations are essentially the workplace for firefighters, typically comprising:

Apparatus Bays: The area where fire engines, trucks, and other vehicles specifically designed for fighting fires are stored.
Facilities for Resting, Eating, and Sleeping: Firefighters need facilities where they can rest, eat, and sleep during their shifts. Training facilities for the training of firefighters, such as areas for fire drills.

1. Fire House

The term “firehouse” is, to a great extent, used to mean the same as a fire station, but it has powerful historical and cultural overtures. It evokes the images of traditional community-oriented firefighting facilities.

Community Hub: The firehouses were indeed community hubs that, besides serving the obvious purpose, held events and public safety education programs.
Architectural Style: Many outdated firehouses have architectural styles that are unique and representative of the historical significance of the building.

2. Fire Hall

Fire hall” is used much more in certain regions, particularly in rural areas or smaller towns. A fire hall functions very similarly to a fire station but has some regional unique characteristics at times:

Volunteer Fire Departments: A majority of fire halls are usually associated with volunteer fire departments-the ones that rely on the members of the community to serve as its firefighters.
Multi-purpose facilities: There are times when fire halls serve as community centers and as such, host countless events and meetings. In that regard,


In America, a facility housing firefighting equipment and personnel is called a fire station, firehouse, or fire hall. While all are similar – though not identical in meaning – they have different historical, cultural, and regional undertones attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary role of a fire station?

The primary role of a fire station is to accommodate firefighting equipment and persons, hence serving as the core of all emergency response operations.

Are there differences between a fire station and a firehouse?

Functionally, very little; however, “firehouse” has historical and cultural connotations.

In what parts of the country is the term “fire hall” primarily used?

The term “fire hall” is primarily used to designate rural areas or smaller communities where volunteer fire departments can be found.

What kind of facilities are normally provided for in a fire station?

A fire station consists of apparatus bays, living quarters, training areas, and administrative offices.

Can fire stations serve as community centers?

Yes, many fire stations do in small communities. Most of these communities use these facilities for various events and public safety education programs.

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