BE INCHARGE – 6 Proven ways to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel


Seeking ways to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel is one thing every HSE personnel must not relent on. In some of our work places, HSE personnel are being relegated to the background. They are not carried along as activities unfold. Some management even believe they can do without a HSE personnel; so they just keep HSE personnel as a figure-head to fulfil all righteousness.

Unfortunately, some HSE personnel are even ignorant of the fact that they have lost relevance. They feel okay because they are not disturbed, they are not being called upon with some issues of Health and Safety concerns unfold.

When you are in an organization as a HSE personnel and your suggestions are not requested where necessary, your opinion are not seek for, your advice are not requested; there, you have lost relevance in the organization. When you lose relevance as a HSE personnel, then your job is at risk because very soon you may be seen as being excess to the requirements since they feel you are not offering anything to the organization. This is one of the main reason you should seek ways to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel in your organization.

It is needful to avoid losing relevance as a HSE personnel in any organization they find themselves. You need to do everything within your power to stay relevance as a HSE personnel in your organization.

Continue reading as I will give you effective ways to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel in your organization.

Tips to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel

  1. Blow your trumpet: No matter how it sound, it is very necessary. Let the management know what you are doing. Remember, if you do not blow your trumpet no one will blow it for you. This is the most effective way of letting your management know that you are working. I know someone will ask, HOW CAN I BLOW MY TRUMPET?

There are some proven ways you can blow your trumpet to your management’s ear. I will enumerate some below:

  • Develop Newsletter: You can develop a weekly newsletter and make sure it gets to your management. The    newsletter will include activities on site in the week under review, good HSE practices spotted, Poor HSE practices spotted, Traffic issues, Environmental issues, HSE observations, incidents, training if any etc. This newsletter should contain pictures and immediate actions taken and suggestions for improvement.
  • Send site feedback to your management: Incident report, Training report updates, suggestion request, etc.

2. Be proactive: Look out for activities that could boost health and Safety awareness and also improve Health and Safety compliance in your organization, notify your management about it and seek for their approval to undertake such activity.

3. Practice Health and Safety of presence: Some HSE personnel loves to skip duty. They are even happy when no one looks for them. This is a very wrong act; this will only play down on your relevance. Remember, WHEN YOUR ABSENCE IS NOT NOTICED, YOUR PRESENCE IS NOT NEEDED.

4. Improve on your expertise: Never be redundant. Always strive to acquire new knowledge, skills and experience. These new knowledge and skills you acquire will make you an indispensable asset to your organization thereby boosting your relevance.

5. Make your management depend on you: You can achieve this by always being there to proffer solutions to HSE and even non-HSE issues base on your expertise. By doing this, they will be unconsciously dependent on you, this will also boost your relevance in the organization.

6. Be ready to make sacrifices: Some management may develop cold foot when it comes to Health and Safety. If you must maintain your relevance, you may need to sacrifice your time and money to create things they ignored. When that brings out a positive result, they may key into the practice subsequently. This invariable will boost your relevance in the organization.

Always seek for ways to boost your relevance as a HSE personnel, never be contented with acting on the periphery.


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