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7 Ways Of Preventing Electric Shock

Ways Of Preventing Electric Shock – Electric shock occurs when any part of the human body makes contact with an electrical current source thereby allowing sufficient electrical energy to pass through the body.

Electric shock effect ranges from mild to severe effects (electrocution). The resultant effect of current passing through the body depends on the quantity of current passing through the body, the time of sustained current flow through the body, resistance to flow of electric current through the body and the electric shock channel.

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Since the consequence of the electric shock cannot be ascertained, the best option is to prevent electric shock in its entirety.

In the next paragraph, I will give “7 Ways of preventing electric shock”. This will involve things you should do/not do with electricity.


7 Ways Of Preventing Electric Shock

  1. Never work with electrical appliance with wet hands.
  2. Never improvise with electric equipment. If the electrical equipment is bad, send it for a professional repair.
  3. Never pass electrical appliance lead through water or damp area. If the floor is damp or wet, try to float the electric cable.
  4. Never touch exposed non-insulated wires.
  5. Ensure that your electrical system is grounded (Install ground fault circuit interrupter – GFCI)
  6. Protect your kids with outlet covers. This will prevent your kids from sticking their fingers or object into the unoccupied socket holes.
  7. Replace missing or broken wall sockets.

Follow the tips given above on “7 Ways of preventing electric shock” to prevent electric shock at all times, both for adults and children.

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