Safe tips on the use of PPE


PPE also known as personal protective equipment is design for personal protection. For it to be useful maximally it must be used as specified and appropriately. So i will be giving out some safe tips on the use of PPE.

Safe tips on the use of PPE:

  • Use the right PPE for the right job.
  • Do not wear loose clothing while working with rotating wheel to prevent entanglement.
  • Long hair should be well packed to prevent entering the machine while working.
  • Do not use jewelry’s like necklace, chain watch, hand chain while working with rotating wheel.
  • As a welder, do not wear rain boot during welding activity.
  • Make sure your eye google is properly fitted always.
  • Use your nose cover appropriately, make sure it is well fitted.
  • Your canisters should be properly clean and stored after use.
  • Use your hand gloves while using vibrators like Jumping jack or plat compactor to prevent VWF (Vibration white fingers).
  • Check for the noise level of your equipment, if more than 85db, make sure you use your ear plug or ear muff depending on the equipment specification.
  • Never anchor your body harness lanyard below the D-ring.
  • Make sure lanyard are always anchored on a strong point capable of carrying your weight.
  • While working with table saw, never use you hand to push the wood through the blade; make use of a push stick.
  • Use your coverall when working with materials which could be hazardous to your skin. Make sure the coverall is well-worn and buttoned.
  • Wear your body harness appropriately so that it will not burst your testicles if you eventually slip.
  • While working where activities are going on at a level higher than your level, make sure you use your hard hat.
  • Body harness with double lanyard is recommended if you are changing level as you are working at height to ensure that you are not exposed at any point.
  • High reflective jacket must be worn while working on the road to increase you visibility to upcoming traffic.

For PPE to work for you, adopt the safe tips on the use of PPE.


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