Tyre Safety

Considering tyre  safety, there are Safety points you should know about tyres. These point will guide your purchase and use of your tyres.

Without going through much stories, I will highlight the 7 Safety points you should consider:

  1. Date code
  2. Tyre pressure
  3. Load rating
  4. Speed rating
  5. Temperature resistance
  6. Traction
  7. Tread ware

At the end of this article, I will attach a pdf document that will give you more clarity on the subject matter.

Date code

This shows the manufacturing date of the tyre. It is a made up of four numbers, example 0418. The first two numbers represents the week of manufacturing while the last two digit represents the year. For example the digit highlighted above represents week 4 of 2018.

The tyre expiry date is estimated to be 4 years from the manufacturing date. Using an expired tyre could result in serious accident, this is why it is important to know the manufacturing date so that’s you can track its expiration.


Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure represents the maximum inflation level for the tyre. It is expressed in psi. Over or under inflation of tyres is a risky act. Hence, it is important to know your tyre inflation pressure. Some tyres have 34psi, 44psi or 50psi.

Load Rating

This represents the maximum load the tyre can carry. It could be expressed either in pounds or kg. It is also called load index.

Speed Rating

This represents the maximum speed the tyre can go. It is expressed in letters which is written by the load index of the tyre. Some are T, V or any other letter.

Temperature Resistance 

This shows the tyre heat tolerance level. It’s expressed in letters – A, B or C. The higher letter represents a higher temperature resistance.


This express the ability of the tyre to stop under wet condition. It is expressed as AA, A, B, C. The higher letter represents a higher traction. For example, AA tyre has a higher traction than C.

Tread ware

This shows the rate at which the tyre wears out. The higher the wear value, the longer it will take for it to wear out. Could be 400 or 200.


See tyre safety pdf document below:

Document pdf


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