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Traffic Violation – Reasons For Violation And Some Traffic Violations

Traffic violation is the word we hear everyday, but most of use do not really understand what it means.

Traffic is all about movement. This movement includes: Movement of vehicles and people basically. Due to the disorderliness and accidents which could result from this movement (Traffic), traffic rules was born.


Hence, traffic rules are the rules governing the movement of vehicles and people on the road. This rule aims to ensure a safe movement on our roads.

Anytime you go contrary to any of the traffic rules, it is said that you have violated traffic – Traffic violation.

You could be indicted, fined or imprisoned for traffic violation.


Reasons For Traffic Violation

People violate traffic for two (2) major reasons:

  1. Ignorance: Some people are fine for breach of traffic laws because of ignorance. This is why we need to get ourselves informed.

There are traffic rules in different counties, get to understand the traffic rule which relates to your location.

Here are some countries traffic rules:

Nigerian traffic rule documented in the highway code

United States traffic rules

Europe traffic rules

You can search the internet for the traffic rules for your location. Knowing the traffic rules can save you from lots of problems.

2.   Negligence: This is the second reason for traffic violation. People who fall into this category are the people violation punishment and fines are made for. They tend to give excuses for their behaviour. Traffic rules are for us, the rule is to protect us. This is why psychiatric assessment are often recommended for most violators.

Before I end, I will highlight some traffic violations you may not have known.


Some Traffic Violation

  • Not obeying traffic light; moving when the light is still showing red.
  • Using wrong way or one way
  • Not obeying speed limit
  • Parking in a NO Parking area
  • Parking on the walk-way
  • Failure to move with your driver’s license
  • Driving with expired drivers license
  • Driving without a valid drivers license
  • Passing in a No Passing zone
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and some prohibited drugs.
  • Driving with expired tyres, etc.

I can still go on and one, but i want you to check back on the traffic violations i have mentioned. If you look at them closely, you will notice that if we avoid them, we are doing ourselves good. We will protect ourselves and other road users.

Get to know the traffic violations today and avoid them to safe yourself from trouble.


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