39 Major traffic offences all road users must know


On every road there are road users which include:

  • Motorist
  • Pedestrian
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclist
  • Passengers
  • Children, etc.

As a road user, it is expected that road be used in accordance with rules and regulations. Every road user should be discipline, careful and considerate to other road users to ensure safer road, thereby avoiding road crashes, arrest and/or prosecution.

Some law enforcement agents have the right to arrest and prosecute person(s) reasonably suspected to have committed any traffic offences.

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Major traffic offences are as follows:

  1. Obstruction of any section of the road with vehicle or in any other way which may affect free flow of traffic.
  2. Using a restricted road which is marked “One way” or “No entry
  3. Not obeying speed limits on the road
  4. Driving a vehicle without a valid learner’s permit, driver’s license or any other permit required by law
  5. Wrong overtaking
  6. Disobeying the traffic light
  7. Disobeying or disregarding road signs or pavement markings
  8. Driving a vehicle, a two or three wheel cycle on any road in a reckless or negligent manner that may endanger other road users
  9. Driving a vehicle or motorcycle with forged vehicle papers
  10. Driving a vehicle or motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  11. Driving a vehicle or motorcycle or any other mechanically propelled engine that can result in the damage to any public presence, street light, traffic light, road signs, etc.
  12. Engage in any act of commission or omission which may constitute hazard to other road users
  13. Using a road that is under construction
  14. Failing to move over to a slow lane to free up traffic flow
  15. Not covering gravel or other unstable material with tarpaulin or strong plastic to stop it from spilling on the road when conveying it
  16. Not displaying number plates on the front and rear side of the vehicle
  17. Loading a vehicle above the weight or number of passengers required by law
  18. Driving a vehicle with a projected load
  19. Obstructing a marshal in the performance of his or her duty
  20. Driving a vehicle with damaged or shattered windscreen
  21. Driving a vehicle with warn out tyres or without a spare tyre
  22. Driving a vehicle that is mechanically deficient
  23. Driving a vehicle without fire extinguisher
  24. Assault a marshal on duty
  25. Attempt to corrupt a marshal on duty
  26. Traffic offenders failing to report in designated places
  27. Driving a vehicle that emits excessive smoke
  28. Use of mobile phones while driving
  29. Driving under 18years of age
  30. Vehicle not to fitted with inner rear and side mirror
  31. Smoking or eating while driving
  32. Not using your headlight in inclement weather
  33. Fail to signal when changing lanes, making a turn or pulling in front of another vehicle
  34. Not properly securing under age children in an approved child seat or booster seat
  35. Travelling in the bed of a pick-up truck
  36. Not using seat belt while driving
  37. Not paying any prescribed fine or other fees under the law
  38. To drive with one hand
  39. Being on the road without lights or faulty light, signs or reflector or wrongful use of signals

This article covers major/common traffic offences you should be conversant with.

Knowing these offences will help guide your actions on the road to avoid being fined or prosecuted.



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