Top 10 Construction Hazards


Here are the “Top 10 construction hazards”.

You can read more to get more explanation on these hazards.

Fortunately, I have written on most of the hazards listed.

Click on the individual links to gain more understanding of the hazards and the safety measures necessary to work safely when exposed to these hazards.

I will just list the ten (10) points:

  1. Falls: Falls range from falls within the same level and falls from height.
  2. Scaffold: This is an elevated working platform that aids activity carried out above ground level.
  3. Exposure to occupational health hazards.
  4. Ladders
  5. Lack of personal protective equipment
  6. Fire
  7. Inadequate record keeping
  8. Confine space
  9. Lack of training
  10. Welding