Toolbox Talk: Traffic is not your friend


Toolbox Talk: Traffic is not your friend

As a road worker, traffic is not your friend; traffic is always against you. So you have to be conscious of traffic always to stay protected.

People that are mostly exposed to traffic are: Road workers, Road sweepers, pedestrians, etc. We fall into one or more of these categories.

Whats is traffic: Traffic involves the movement of people, vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

This movement comes with its inherent hazards, like crushing hazard, falling object, contact with equipment, etc. Most people are killed, others are either permanently disabled or permanently restricted; this is why we mus be careful when working around traffic.

Safety precautions when working around traffic:

  1. Never back traffic: If you are exposed to traffic, make sure you always face traffic so that you can monitor the movement around you.
  2. Always use your high reflective jacket: High reflective jacket will always increase your visibility on the road.
  3. Avoid unnecessary exposure: If its possible, avoid getting exposed to traffic. You can change the location of the task, change the timing. Its only on necessity that you should be working around traffic. If it is not necessary, take your self off the danger zone.
  4. Do not assume vehicular movement: Never expect a driver or an operator to do the right thing. Your safety is your responsibility.
  5. Never loose concentration while working around traffic. Be it internal or external traffic, maintain your concentration always; minimize use of mobile phones while working.
  6. Do not stand at the blind spot of an equipment or behind a running equipment, though not moving at that time.
  7. Avoid unnecessary discussion and play when working around traffic.


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