Toolbox Talk: Safety Gamble

Toolbox Talk: Safety Gamble

How do you know that your prediction is valid?

How do you know the basis for your assumption is legit?

This is the same way we make unfounded predictions and assumptions concerning our safety.

How are you sure that “that not too good brake” will take you to your destination safely!!!

How are you sure that the cracked cutting disc will take you through the job without breaking!!!

How are you sure that your inexperienced operator can deliver the job!!!

How are you sure you won’t fall from that working height without using your body harness properly!!!

How are you sure you can work in that confine space successful with poor ventilation and lighting.

Any moment you assume baselessly you are GAMBLING.

Any moment you presume without a legit basis, you are equally GAMBLING.

REMEMBER: Whenever you gamble with safety you are betting with your life.

You May equally be betting with your eyes, your hearing apparatus, your fingers, your toes, your health, etc.

NEVER GAMBLE!!! Always follow safety precautions to ensure your safety.

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