Toolbox Talk: Safe Job Interaction


Toolbox Talk: Safe Job Interaction

Job interaction occurs when job pieces (Individual tasks) making up a whole is being carried out simultaneously causing a form of conflict between the individual tasks.

This job interaction could result to serious accidents if not well managed.

Hence, I will highlight some element needed for safe job interaction:

  • Effective communication: Make sure we always communicate our intentions at all times. This will make our colleague conscious and privy to our next action thereby keeping themselves protected. We should always ensure that the information passed across is understood and is timely.
  • Understanding: Since everyone comes from different background and with different orientation, understanding our individual characters will be beneficial when working together as far as job interaction is concern.
  • Patience: Patience should be paramount when activities tend to be conflicting. We should have enough patience to wait for one activity to be completed before we continue with another.
  • Priority: Let us give priority when we have conflicting activities. We should keep first thing first. We should never attempt to jump any step. Remember; Hurry up could hurt.
  • We should learn how to manage emotions at work: Poor emotional management will distort work plan. It will cause hastiness, impatience and poor concentration. All these could result in accident.
  • Maintaining 100% Concentration: Nothing can replace concentration at work, especially when carrying out conflicting activity.


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