TOOLBOX TALK: Portable electrical equipment


TOOLBOX TALK: Portable electrical equipment

Safe use of portable electrical equipment in wet and damp condition

 Portable electrical equipment is a very important instrument on-site for daily activities. Poor use of the equipment can result in accidents like shock, electrocution, burns and fire breakout.

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Use of electrical equipment under a damp and wet environment can pose more risk to the people working with the equipment and people working around the area.

It is needful that proper care be taken while working with portable electrical equipment in a wet and damp condition.

Some of the safety measures that should be taken include:

  • Portable electrical equipment inspection should be carried out, and inspection tagged installed to ascertain the inspection.
  • Ensure that the portable electrical equipment is properly insulated; double insulation is recommended.
  • Equipment must be used by a competent person.
  • Avoid passing the electrical equipment cable lead through water. Ensure that the cable leads are suspended above the water.
  • Do not expose cable leads so that they won’t be damaged by moving equipments and machines.
  • Safe handling of the equipment must be ensured throughout the duration of the activity.
  • Operator of the equipment must inspect the equipment before use, during use and after use.

Stay safe by ensuring safe handling, use and maintenance of all portable electrical equipments.


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