Toolbox talk: Points of hazards control

Toolbox talk: Points of hazard control

Toolbox talk: Points of hazards control

This toolbox topic will highlight points where hazards can be controlled.

In one of our previous article “The salient relationship between Hazard – Risk – Accidents” we explained the relationship between these parameters. It was also stated categorically that the common link between Hazard – Risk – accident is EXPOSURE.

In this article, we will highlight points where event leading to accident could be blocked; this is what we refer to as POINTS OF CONTROL.

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All hazards in the workplace must be adequately controlled to avoid accident.

Before we continue, let us run through the basic definitions:

What is a Hazard: Hazard is anything, situation or condition which has the potential to cause harm to people, equipment and environment.

What is Risk: Risk is the probability that an incident will occur and the severity of the outcome. Risk is graded into low, medium and high.

What is an Accident: Accident is an unexpected and unwanted occurrence which could result to injury to persons, damage to equipment, materials or environment.

Points of hazards control

From the picture above, the points of hazards control are the points blocked in the arrow with the double red lines.

Points of hazard control: Two points of hazard control is explained below:

  1. Between Hazard and Risk – This control point is based on preventing exposure. Without exposure, Hazard can never form a risk. So, to prevent accident, we block exposure to hazards at this point.
  2. Between Risk and Accident – There are necessary risks, which if not controlled, could result to accidents. This point of control inculcates safety precautions to control risk, thereby preventing accident.

In conclusion, if exposure to hazard is avoided and safety precautions adopted at the different hazards control points, then accident can be reduced to be barest minimum.


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