TOOLBOX TALK: Make a mental map


TOOLBOX TALK: Make a mental map

TOOLBOX TALK: Make a mental map – Map is synonymous to location, arrangement, layout, etc.

Map gives insight on our present location with regards to our surroundings.

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In health and safety, an understanding of our surrounding could be a life-saver.

It is worthy of note that, on they course of carrying out any task, we tend to have a partial insomnia about our current location and our surrounding; this is why making a mental map is very important before we begin any task.

A mental map will give us a clears understanding of our work environment, the safe zones and risk factors. This understanding will help us to put necessary precautions in place before we commence on any task. Before we forget out surrounding, we must have gotten the environment protected.

What ever task you are to carry out, ensure that you make a mental map first. This should be integrated into the planning phase of every task.

What to look out for when making a mental map

  • Placement of tool and equipments
  • Area of thorough fare (Pedestrian and Vehicular)
  • Utility services (Power lines, Water pipes, etc.)
  • Slippery surfaces, uneven surfaces, etc.

Always make a mental map before you start any task. Be sure you are safe before looking out for a successful completion of any task.


TOOLBOX TALK: Make a mental map


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