Toolbox Talk: Internal traffic control plan (ITCP)


Toolbox Talk: Internal traffic control plan (ITCP)

Internal traffic control plan is a plan to co-ordinate the flow of vehicles, equipment and workers operating in the work space.

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Internal traffic control plan takes into cognizance:

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  • Safe parking:

Vehicles and equipment should only be parked in designated area. Indiscriminate parking of vehicles and equipment should be discouraged as it can result to accident.

  • Interraction of heavy equipment, trucks and foot workers:

There should be proper segregation between the equipment mobility area and pedestrian area. If segregation is not possible, the workers should be trained on how to work with equipment and machinery successfully. Also alarms should be placed on these vehicles and equipment to warn workers off when the equipment are in motion. Other aspects the workers should be intimate are: Blind spot of vehicles and equipment, understanding the vehicles alarm, avoidance of distraction, etc.

  • Planned access and egress for equipment and vehicles:

There should be adequate plan for safe access and egress within the working space to avoid traffic congestion. The access/egress should be suitable for the equipment. Also the access/eqress should be in a good state for smooth movement.

Internal traffic control is very important if work must be successful within a work space.

Due to poor internal traffic control, workers has been killed, equipment has been damaged, materials destroyed, all of which constitutes economic waste to the company.

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There are some principles that controls internal traffic control – It includes:

1. Separation by time:

Timing is paramount. Activities should be timed in such a way that they do not interfere with each other.

2. Separation by space:

Equipment/Machinery should be well arranged so that one’s position do not affect the other from having full work flexibility.

3. Separation by control:

The controls put in place to manage risks at work should not also cause Internal traffic congestion.

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If we must manage internal traffic successfully, the internal traffic control plan should be initiated at the beginning of the job; it should be integrated during the planning phase of the job.


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