TOOLBOX TALK: Hazard Radius





Hazard radius is an area within which someone can be exposed to a particular hazard.

Hazard as we all know is a potential of an individual, environment or a situation to cause harm. This harm could be in the form of injury to an individual, damage to the environment, or damage to property or equipment.

N/B: Hazard cannot cause harm if there is no exposure.



  • Because of carelessness
  • Because of ignorance
  • Due to necessity



  • Identify the hazard: Identify the hazard posed by the activity. Hazard can be identified through experience, Hazard log, checklists, MSDS, regulatory documents, local/international regulations, etc.


  • Identify the hazard radius: An unidentified hazard can never be managed. You identify before you can determine the best way to manage it. As stated above; Hazard radius is an area within which someone can be exposed to a particular hazard. This will involve assessing the hazard generated to determine its area of coverage. This could be creation of an explosive environment, cement dust generation, noise, vibration, etc. Certain equipments may be needed to determine the actual area covered by the hazard.


  • Identify who could be affected: Identify who could be affected and take concrete measure to either eliminate the exposure or reduce the exposure time. Some jobs can be suspended until the hazard is well controlled.
  • Control: After identifying the hazard, identifying the hazard radius, identifying who could be affected, the next thing is to control and manage the hazard radius. Certain measures could be adopted to manage the hazard radius. There could be an administrative control where the number of people exposed could be minimized or duration of exposure reduced, engineering control where the hazard radius is not created at all, the use of PPE for those that must work within the hazard radius.
  • Provide PPE: If it is not feasible to suspend the job at that time, then the worker must be provided with adequate PPE that will protect him from the hazard he is exposed to. Even though he is not directly involved in the Job that is generating that hazard.

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