Toolbox Talk: Danger of working in cluster


Toolbox Talk: Danger of working in cluster

Cluster refers to a situation where a group of individuals are working at the same time and in close proximity to each other in a specific location.

Some jobs carried out in cluster include: Asphalt work, Iron fitting, road maintenance, etc.

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Some dangers which accompany work carried out in cluster are:

  • Information overlap: Information are mostly allowed to drop when not directed to an individual; no one mostly own up to a task or instruction.
  • Job segregation: There is mostly neglect and transfer of responsibility.
  • Colony initiation: There tend to be formation of small colonies for interaction and discussion.
  • Discussion integration: As long as a colony is formed, discussion is likely to set in. As discussion is integrated into a colony, there is tendency for the colony to increase.
  • Group distraction: Since a colony is formed and discussion integrated, there is likely to be group distraction. When one person is distracted in a colony, everyone is distracted.


The effective way to manage dangers of working in cluster is to ensure that all information must be directed to someone; not an open information.

Also, personal discipline is very important. Do not be carried away in colony activities. Also stay focus and keep your eyes on the BALL.




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