Toolbox talk: Be Aware

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Toolbox talk: Be Aware

Maintaining 100% concentration is very important in our day-to-day activities, but it is not all that matters.

When maintaining 100% concentration on our job, we must not lose awareness of our environment, since there will always be hazards around us.

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This is why it is very important that we make a mental map of our work environment before we commence on the days activity. After commencement of the days activity, it may be difficult to sustain 100% awareness of our environment; if we had made a mental map before commencing, we will be able to spot dangers and correct them early.


  1. A carpenter hammering down a nail only focuses on the nail cap, and not the hammering field. However, anything that gets behind him can be hit by the hammer-head.
  2. A truck driver reversing mostly concentrates on the target point of reverse, so may not pay much attention to his front; hence he can brush anything that he makes contact with in front.
  3. A grader operator grading the ground pays more attention to the edges of its cutting blade, not his surrounding.
  4. A mason ranging concrete only pays attention to the concrete, but not the distance that range covers. He can hit someone close-by when turning the range.

All the dangers stated above can be identified, correction recommended and safe clearance level determined before the commencement of the job. This will help solve lots of problems.

In conclusion, learn to ensure that you are aware of your environment while maintaining 100% concentration of a task.

Also, if you are not involved in a task, keep clear; If you must get close, notify the worker of your intention.

Toolbox talk: Be Aware


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