5 Tips to Stay Safe on a College Campus

Tips to Stay Safe on a College Campus – Going to college is an exciting experience, not only for the student but for the whole family. It marks the beginning of a period of personal independence and a changing dynamic between parents and children. You can also watch with pride as your child takes on more responsibility and learn life skills that will benefit him or her for life.

If you no longer see your child every day, it doesn’t mean you’ve stopped worrying about their safety and belongings. Unfortunately, accidents, theft, getting caught by a fraudster while buying assignments online, and other unwanted events in college dorms are part of college life. 

In addition to teaching your child how to manage their budget, giving them the basic safety tips below is another way to help them avoid serious incidents and have an enjoyable college experience. It will also help reduce your worries.

1. College Fire Safety

When you walk your child to the start of the school year, check the location and, if possible, the condition of the smoke detectors. A forgotten lighted candle or electrical wiring failure can cause a fire. Remind your child to check to see if the fire alarms are working and if they are not, contact the appropriate administrator.

College dormitories and common areas often have evacuation plans in case of fire. They show the quickest exits from various points in the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. Discuss these plans with your child. You may also want to give them a tour to help them become more familiar with the evacuation routes and reinforce the importance of fire safety.

2. Keep Doors Locked To Ensure Safety On Campus

In the informal environment of a college dorm, your child can build strong bonds with other students and feel that they can trust the people around them. For example, they may not want to carry their keys with them all the time and prefer to leave dorm doors unlocked. 

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Remind them that burglary is possible and more likely if valuables are not secured. A few reminders about the importance of keeping doors locked and valuables, including computers and other electronics, in plain sight will reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

3. Create A Second Line Of Defense

Unfortunately, even locking your bedroom is not an absolute guarantee that a break-in won’t happen. You have to be on the safe side. Buy a safe or drawer with a lock that requires a combination or padlock, and encourage your child to use it, especially if he or she plans to be away for a long time.

Make sure you or a trusted person has the combination or a copy of the key. If your child has a bicycle, make sure it has a strong lock that cannot be easily cut or broken.

4. Take Care Of Your Clothes And Belongings In Public Places

If your child has a pair of jeans or other favorite clothes, remind them to keep them safe in public places, such as laundromats, where clothes often go missing. Encourage them to take books or something entertaining with them to the laundry room so they don’t leave their clothes unattended. A trip to the laundromat usually takes 90 minutes to two hours. Similarly, it’s best to keep an eye out for bags of books and other items in public places.

5. Pay Attention To Security At The University

It’s easy to feel comfortable on campus, especially if it’s a small university where many faces are familiar. However, it is important to pay attention to everything and everyone around you. This includes people who may not work in education. Remind your child to watch out for people he or she doesn’t know, such as the person who wants access to a dorm room but doesn’t have an entry code or key.

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College dorms offer a friendly and supportive environment. Safety tips can ensure that your child has a positive college experience.