Tips to prevent accident while overtaking and after being overtaken


* Tips to prevent accident while overtaking and after being overtaken *

Overtaking is one thing that happens often on our roads. To overtake safely, you must obey the rules of overtaking. Failure to overtake safely indicates faulty judgment and the possible failure to consider important factors that a driver must observe before attempting overtaking manouever.

Tips to prevent accident while overtaking

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  1. Overtake only if it is necessary
  2. Ensure that your view is not obstructed by hills, curve, vegetation, traffic, adverse weather condition, etc.
  3. Before attempting to overtake, ensure that the move could be completed safely in the face of approaching traffic.
  4. Warn the driver of the vehicle ahead of your intention to overtake.
  5. Signal your intention to change lanes; do this well in advance.
  6. Check your rear and side for following and/or passing traffic before attempting to overtake.
  7. Signal and move to right lane without impeding the vehicle being overtaken.
  8. Never attempt overtaking in a busy lane.

Tips to prevent accident while being overtaken

  1. Remain in your lane
  2. Maintain or reduce speed to permit the other vehicle to overtake safely.
  3. Move to the right where possible to allow enough space or overtaking
  4. Be in control of vehicle and be prepared for the unexpected from passing vehicle, e.g. Passing and slowing and in your front almost immediate.

* Tips to prevent accident while overtaking and after being overtaken *


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